BSNL customer care number

BSNL customer care number

Are you facing any issue related to BSNL services which you are using?

I’m sorry to hear that but don’t worry, I am going to share BSNL customer care number with you through this article, by contacting that number, you will be able to get a solution for your problem and let’s proceed without further delay.

Helpdesk for BSNL customer care Number

BSNL has a huge range of network and it gives people a lot of facilities.BSNL mobile is widely used nowadays. So, the customer care needs to focus on mobile users more than any other sector. If a customer faces issues regarding the mobile network, he or she should call on the toll free number of mobile services. He or she will receive an answer from the person in the call centre.

The executives can give any kind of support to the customers. There are few toll free numbers that are available 24*7 and can be used by anyone, even the non customers.

This telecommunication company is generally known for its diverse range of services to its customers since a long ago.

This company is a growing one as well. It has 3G network facility that is widely used by a lot of people even today. Mobile phone users find it cost effective and reliable to use in modern day where other networks cost too high.

Some of the most useful Toll free numbers of BSNL customer care are given below.

In case of BSNL landlines, the customers can call on “1500” or the number “1800-345-1500”
In case of BSNL mobile, the customer can contact ‘1503’ or ‘1800-180-1503’
In case of BSNL WLL or WiMax services, the customer can call on ‘1502’ or ‘1800-345-1504’
In case of BSNL broadband services and queries, the customer can call on ‘1504’ or ‘1800-345-1504’
In case of BSNL MPLS-VPN services and queries related to that, the customer can call on the toll free number “1800-425-1957”
Under these sections of the customer services, the customer can get a wide range of facilities. Their queries regarding new recharge plans, bill payment, Wi-Fi connections and hotspot locations can be solved by them.

BSNL Toll free Numbers

State wise BSNL customer care numbers

For every state, the SMS based services for LL and BB customers are the same.
For BFT, the customer can type BFT<space><Tel No> e.g : BFT 020-27373859
For FLT, the customer can type FLT <space><Tel No>
Or Bill enquiry, the customer can type BILL <space><Tel No>
For LIST or list of keywords for SMS based services, the customer can send enquiry just by typing LIST
For BSNL mobile users, the codes for sending SMS are 53334 or 9478053334
For other services provided by the BSNL customer service, the customers can send queries in 9478053334

These numbers are toll free and they do not charge customers to provide services. The company’s customer care portal is very helpful. It provides the contact numbers of every service. The company is known for its reliable services and quick services. The call centre is open for 24*7 to solve queries of customers which is an added advantage for the customers.

Some Facts about BSNL care number and facilities

BSNL is widely used connection all over India as known to us. It is generally used by mobile phone users. Even landline users use a BSNL connection till now.

This connection is one of the most reliable one. It has good internet speed and proper service. It gives several low cost calling services across India.

BSNL is available in almost every place in India. It allows users to make foreign and STD an ISD calls in lowest cost. BSNL gives instant SMS facilities and many more.

The BSNL helpdesk is always open for customers in order to receive an enquiry about anything and everything. The customer can call on the toll free numbers to ask for any kind of information regarding their connection. New customers can also use this facility anytime.

The customer care executives at BSNL focus on the enhancement of the services.

BSNL gives different facilities to different types of users, such as;

  • Landline users
  • mobile Users
  • WLL users
  • Broadband users

The company focuses on each type of service carefully. The MPLS-VPN users are given separate service. The executives allotted for the enquiries are different so there is no fear of mismatching of information.
Types of services provided by the BSNL

BSNL provides a number of services to its customers. It is one of the largest mobile network companies in India. It is actually the most primitive one in the mobile networking chain. Though it has no advanced 4G or VOLTE internet facility it does well with 3G connections that the people find quite faster and reliable than others.

The services provided by the BSNL are cost effective as well. The technology is widespread all over the world. The customer support system of the company is quite reliable and trustworthy. The company gives internet services, fixed broadband services and advanced voice service. There is always uninterrupted voice service received from the BSNL operators.

The operators work in almost every place. The employees and customer support executives of the company is trustworthy and reliable. The services are so far the top notch quality. There are a lot of happy customers of the BSNL telecommunication company. That is why this company is still growing. The company is always dedicated to the service provided to its customers.

The new customers, as well as the old customers, are always treated well. The customer care executives are generally responsible for making the customers happy and feel positively about the company.

The Bharat Fiber (FTTH) Broadband is actually a great service provided by the BSNL Company. Other services that are provided by the company are mobile and data recharge services and queries related to that. There are corporate services as well that are provided by the company to the people all over India and abroad. BSNL has good roaming services.

It has cost effective roaming services for mobile phone users. Apart from that, BSNL is good at providing Wi-Fi facilities to Indian customers.

The BSNL broadband and Wi-Fi services are good at providing the prepaid and postpaid services to the customers. The customer care helps in letting people known about the overview of the data used, prepaid services and postpaid services.

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